Letter from President

Dear Prospective Student,

I’m grateful you have taken the time to look at all Aidan University has to offer you in the pursuit of your academic goals. I believe if you are preparing to fulfill God’s call upon your life, there are few institutions that can offer the non-traditional students such a broad array of tools, teachers and resources to equip them for service to the Body of Christ.

Aidan University is an academic institution of higher learning offering a comprehensive online learning, non-traditional  programs and several cohort-based local options. This methodology allows for the provision of multi-track training for twenty-first century Christian service that remains committed to the time honored traditions of biblical orthodoxy, yet leverages the leading technology tools in order to make relevant application of these eternal principles.

The concept of distance learning was once considered impractical, but now has been adopted by leading institutions of higher education as a standard for training in the field of higher education. Today’s learners need the challenge of leading-edge material in the context of a challenging environment to make the material work in the local church and the marketplace.

The leadership, faculty and staff of Aidan are not disconnected either from the pulpit or local church pressures of this modern world. Faculty are involved in local church ministry through special seminars, church consultation, researching of new trends, and with a personal commitment to a local church when not out on the field.

In short, Aidan provides a unique opportunity for students to prepare themselves academically, professionally, and spiritually to serve God in the ministry and professions to which they have been called. As an independent, educational ministry that is thoroughly biblical in its philosophy of education, Aidan is a servant to both the local church and the individual student; providing curriculum, consultation, and direction for the accomplishment of his/her educational goal. 

We truly are raising the power of education to a golden opportunity!

We invite you to come journey with us.

Dr. Charles T. Travis

Founder & President

Dr. Charles Travis