Post-graduate Programs

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Doctor of Theology (ThD)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


All post-graduate degree programs have a prerequisite of a master’s degree and require either 36 or 60 credit hours beyond the master’s degree.


Students who have earned either a 90-hour Master of Theology (ThM) degree or a 90-hour Master of Divinity (M. Div.) degree may  enroll in a 36-hour post-graduate degree program.  All other Master’s degree programs require 60 semester hours of study beyond the Master’s degree to qualify for a doctorate degree.


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Doctor of Ministry  (DMin)


Aidan's Doctor of Ministry program engages pastors and leaders who have earned a graduate degree in Biblical Studies, Divinity or Theology in rigorous and challenging theological reflection; all while they continue to serve in their current ministerial roles. Our program develops our post-graduate students into reflective and nimble thinkers who can apply what they have learned to day-to-day ministry, stretching them theologically and exposing them to new models of ministry.


Admission to the Doctor of Ministry program requires the student have earned a Master of Theological Studies (MTS), Master of Divinity (M. Div.), Master of Theology (ThM) or Master of Sacred Theology (STM) degree.





Doctor of Ministry (DMin) - Chaplaincy


Admission to the Doctor of Ministry program with a concentration on chaplaincy requires either a 90-hour Master of Theology  (ThM) degree or a 90-hour Master of Divinity  (M. Div.) degree as a pre-requisite.  The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) - Chaplaincy program is not designed as an entry degree for chaplaincy, but rather for persons with extensive experience in providing some form of chaplaincy services.  If a student desires to enter the Sacramental Concentration and has no background in this area, additional prerequisites will be required.  If a student has already taken a prescribed course(s), then other courses can be selected. If there are deficiencies for entrance into this program, there will be additional courses required.


The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Chaplaincy will have two areas of concentration:  Sacramental and Non-Sacramental (Evangelical Protestant).


Credit for pastoral care practicum or internship may be gained through completion of a residency or weekend program of one or more units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), certified by the Association of Pastoral Care and Education (ACPE).  This is not required to receive the DMin degree, but may be needed for acceptance as a Chaplain in some areas.


This program also meets the need of those needing more stringent federal Chaplaincy requirements of the Armed Forces, Veterans Administration and prisons.




Doctor of Theology  (ThD)


Aidan's Doctor of Theology program is designed to prepare men and women for vocations of teaching and research and for the scholarly enhancement of Christian ministry, and carries a heavy focus on original languages, an ability to do in-depth research in both primary and secondary sources, and the capability to understand and critique the major issues in theological scholarship (including the primary historical views on those issues). We maintain the view that the Th.D. ought to encompass the best tools for such vocations, and be combined with extensive hands-on opportunities to develop thorough training in Biblical Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology, Biblical History, and Biblical Exegesis. The curricula provide students with specialized knowledge and unique skills while strengthening their scriptural understanding.


Admission to the Doctor of Theology program requires the student have earned a Master of Theological Studies (MTS), Master of Divinity (M. Div.), Master of Theology (ThM) or Master of Sacred Theology (STM) degree.




Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)







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