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Graduate degree programs range in credit hour requirements from
thirty-six (36) to ninety (90) semester hours, depending upon the scope of the program.


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Master of Arts in Christian Counseling


Admission to the Graduate School of Christian Counseling requires that students have earned an undergraduate degree with a major or minor in a related field, such as counseling or psychology. Students who enroll in this degree program with a non-counseling degree will need to complete an additional twelve (12) semester hours of Christian Counseling courses as part of the degree program.


The degree in Christian Counseling does not qualify the student to sit for the State licensure exam. However, it does qualify one with this degree who has clergy status (Commissioned, Licensed or Ordained) to operate a Christian Counseling ministry under Florida Statutes Title XXXII, Chapter 491-014 Exemption, and to use the title “Christian Counselor”. See the following website:

For states other than Florida, please review the appropriate statues and requirements for your state.




Master of Arts in Christian Education



Master of Arts in Leadership & Organization




Master of Theological Studies (MTH)




Master of Divinity (MDiv)



Concentration Tracks for Master of Divinity  (MDiv)


The Master of Divinity degree requires a concentration of 24 semester hours in addition to the core courses.

Selection of a concentration must be approved by your faculty advisor.








The Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy will have two areas of concentration:

Sacramental and Non-Sacramental (Evangelical Protestant).


These areas are designed to meet the broad theological and educational needs of students entering the chaplaincy.  If a student enters into the Sacramental Concentration and has no background in this area, additional prerequisites will be required.


Credit for pastoral care practicum or internship may be gained through completion of a residency or weekend program of one or more units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), certified by the Association of Pastoral Care and Education (ACPE).  Although this is not a requirement for the Master of Divinity degree, it but may be needed for appointment as a chaplain in some areas.


The program provides broad biblical, historical and practical preparation for those who desire to serve the Lord as a chaplain. In order to understand their role in the pluralistic setting of the chaplaincy, there is a substantial church history, philosophy, and theological core, in addition to courses in leadership, and ministry.


This program also meets the need of those needing more stringent federal Chaplaincy requirements of the Armed Forces, Veterans Administration and prisons.




Master of Theology (ThM)


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