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Aidan University is so certain that you'll love our new Aidan Online Classroom experience, that we're offering a 3 credit class - including the college credit - for no charge.

Aidan University is excited to partner with Alpha and offer this course to anyone interested in learning about one of the most consistently predictable evangelism methods in the history of Christianity - The Alpha Course.

ECM220 is a study of the tools and techniques employed by the Alpha Course. Students will learn about the various contexts in which the Alpha course can be offered. ECM220 includes a required practicum of running an Alpha Course. This course is a three credit course. Students who successfully complete the course will have the course added to their academic transcript and a scholarship credit for three undergraduate semester hours (currently $270.00) will be applied to their account.

What Is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks. The Alpha course is an evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions. It is described by its organizers as "an opportunity to explore the meaning of life".  Alpha courses are being run in churches, homes, workplaces, prisons, universities and a wide variety of other locations. The course began in Britain and is being run around the world by a broad array of Christian denominations.

In a recent Barna study,

82% of non-Christians now described themselves as followers of Jesus after completing the Alpha Course,

78% of Christian, non-active church goers became more committed to regularly attending Christian church service or Mass, and

91% of Christian, regular church goers said that the Alpha course helped them develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus.





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