Admissions Process

Step By Step .....

To be considered for admission, all undergraduate and graduate students are required to submit the following to the Admissions Office of Aidan University:


  1. Application for Admission, completed in its entirety.
  2. Cover letter stating the student’s educational and spiritual goals.
  3. Comprehensive secular and religious resume that includes education, employment, secular and religious seminars attended, church work, ministry experience, special training, etc.
  4. A minimum of two and a maximum of four references.
  5. At the time of application, copies of transcripts from previous learning institutions can be submitted. However, original official transcripts should be sent directly to Aidan University by the issuing institution upon acceptance of the student into a program of study.
  6. Copies of degrees, awards, certificates, etc.



  • $50.00  Application Fee.
  • $25.00 Student Evaluation Fee.



After receipt of the application packet, Aidan University will provide the student with an evaluation letter outlining specifics of an appropriate  program of study for the major s/he has chosen. Students are encouraged to download the latest catalog to assist in understanding the student evaluation.








CLICK HERE to complete the online
Application for Admission to Aidan University


PLEASE NOTE: During the online application process, you will be asked to upload a resume and an ID photo. Prepare these before you begin the online application.

CLICK HERE to download the 
Application for Admission to Aidan University.


Complete the application via fill-in PDF form, then email the application, your resume and your ID photo to

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